MAHINDRA Bolero Canopy / Hardtop

MAHINDRA Bolero Canopy Hardtop

You’ll discover that our canopies are
designed to suit the contours and
finishes of your MAHINDRA Bolero,
thus providing you with a result
that is both functional and stylish.

MAHINDRA Bolero Canopy Compatability.

Standard Features for MAHINDRA Bolero Canopy.

  • Side sliding windows
  • Popup workmen windows
  • Spoiler with LED brake light
  • Easy access interior LED light
  • Enhanced vehicle look
  • Leatherette interior
  • Frameless rear door
  • Slam latch system
  • Roof rails (80kg load bearing)
  • Factory tinted glass
  • Colour coded
  • No drill system

Available Options for MAHINDRA Bolero Canopy.

Windows Options

  • Slide Windows (Left Side / Right Side or Both)
  • Pop Up Windows (Left Side / Right Side or Both) *
  • SUT Windows (Both Only)
  • Security Mesh (For Slide Windows Only)

* With Exclusive optional SJS Central Locking System

Roof Track Options

  • Roof Track System
  • Roof Track Aluminium (125kg load bearing)
  • Roof Track Coated Steel (125kg load bearing)

MAHINDRA Bolero Canopy Gallery.




The following items need to be attended to on a regular basis.
More frequent service in severe off road conditions.

1. Ensure mounting bolts always remain tight.
2. Check regularly that screws holding windows and doors are tight.
3. Lubricate lock and keys recess on rear door.
4. Abrasive components are not recommended for polishing surfaces or painted products: use only wash polish if requred.
5. Clean door rubbers on canopy tailgate assembly and lightly coat with silicone spray.
6. Looking system should be lubricated regularly and lock covers used for weather protection.
7. The rear tailgate protection tape must be replaced when requiered to minimise paint scuffing caused by the canopy.
8. Canopy Rack : maximum load carrying capacity is recommended at 80kg over both bars.

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* SJS Pro Product is a part of SJS Group.